Gutter Cleaning

Have Twigs, Leaves And Other Items Jamming Up Your Gutters?

Regularly cleaning your gutters ensures that they are kept free of leaves, sticks and other debris.  But when was the last time that you bothered to clean out your gutters?  Gutter cleaning is one of those important home maintenance tasks that seriously gets overlooked.

When debris builds up in gutters this can result in all sorts of problems.  Water will back up, flood the gutters and potentially could cause serious damage to your home.  Our team here at High-Tech Restoration can help prevent this sneaky, silent financial disaster with technicians who climb on every day so you do not have to.  for your next gutter cleaning.  Let us handle:

  • Thoroughly cleaning the interior of your gutters
  • Cleaning the exterior of your gutters
  • Unclogging downspouts from debris, which ensures the proper flow of water